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Any new policy issued after the 15th of March when South African President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the enactment of the National disasters act, will be covered under Section 1 - Emergency medical and related expenses on any of our policy plans should an insured person contract the coronavirus on an insured journey.

Cover is excluded under any other section as a result of coronavirus and this includes the cancellation, postponement or cutting short of an insured journey


Bryte Travel Insurance COVID-19 customer letter 

COVID-19 and your travel insurance policy from bryte - direct purchases

COVID-19 and your travel insurance policy from Bryte – credit card purchases

Travel supplier and travel wholesaler insolvency cover

Do note any travel supplier or travel wholesaler that is currently under business rescue, administration or any similar legal process may be excluded from a new policy where the Travel supplier or travel wholesaler benefit applies if the policy is is purchased on or after the date the entity entered into such a process. 


Cover has been withdrawn under section 12 Insolvency of your Travel supplier or Travel wholesaler for the following airlines, these include but is not limited to:


  • Air Seychelles (HM) Notice published 5 October 2021
  • Mango (JE) Notice published 22 April 2021
  • Air Namibia (SW) Notice published 2 November 2020 
  • Comair - Kulula (MN) and British Airways (BA) operated by Comair Notice published 7 May 2020 
  • Air Mauritius (MK) Notice published 23 April 2020
    1. Why is it important for travellers to have travel insurance?


  1. Travel insurance covers you for unexpected medical illness or accidents while traveling on an international trip. Just as important is been covered for cancellation of your trip that you paid a lot of money for. Travel insurance can help ensure that you’re covered for all these sort of unexpected expenses giving you peace of mind.


    1. What is the rule of thumb when it comes to when travel insurance should be purchased by?


  2. Ideally, you should buy travel insurance as soon as you’ve booked your trip. Cancellation cover starts one day after you bought your travel insurance policy until the day you are due to leave on your international journey.


    1. What does a comprehensive Bryte travel insurance policy cover?


  3. Our Premier plan includes cover up to R100 million for emergency medical and related expenses, as well as cover for pre-existing medical conditions. There is also cover while taking part in sports, adventure sports and hazardous activities. But wait there is more, there is cover for:


    • Cancellation of your trip
    • Theft or damage to your baggage
    • Travel delay
    • Visa delay or rejection cover
    • Cruise cover
    • Air space closure and more


  5. For the full schedule of benefits for these and all our other plans, please refer to our policy wording.


    1. Is travel insurance still necessary when travelling domestically? (i.e. Do you offer coverage for domestic travellers?)


  6. Yes, if you are a South African residents travelling locally within the borders of South Africa you can take out a local plan. The cover includes cover for:


    • Cancellation
    • Theft or damage to baggage
    • Car rental excess waiver
    • Cruise cover and more


  8. For the full schedule of benefits for these and all our other plans, please refer to our policy wording.


    1. Will Bryte travel insurance policy holders be covered for injuries sustained whilst participating in sporting activities like skiing or surfing? Or do you require a special policy?


  9. Yes, if you have taken out one of these policies, you will be covered, these plans are:


    • Premier
    • Jet Set
    • Island Hopper
    • Business, Group
    • Inbound


  11. The emergency medical cover under these plans are reduced while taking part in these activities and details of cover, along with specific terms and conditions, can be found in our policy wording.


    1. Is it possible for more vulnerable travellers such as pregnant, extremely young or elderly travellers to enjoy coverage while travelling internationally?


  12. Yes we do, we have cover for travellers from 3 months to 89 years old inclusive.

    We do cover pregnant travellers up to 26 weeks for unexpected medical complications.

    We also make provision for travellers with pre-existing conditions and have an optional additional cardiac buy back option available to travellers between the ages of 70-79 years old.

    Terms and conditions for these and other benefits are set out in our policy wording.


    1. If the client already has travel insurance through their credit card company, is it possible to top-up their coverage with a Bryte policy?


  13. Bryte is the official underwriter for the following banks and offers the automatic basic cover as well as top up options for:


    • Investec
    • Absa
    • Woolworths
    • Nedbank
    • SAA Voyager
    • American Express®
    • Standard Bank
    • Diners Club


  15. All automatic/complimentary and relevant top up plans can be issued via the Bryte issuance system. In addition to this, Bryte also offers a generic Top Up plan for the banks not mentioned above.


    1. Is it possible to extend a client’s travel insurance policy should they extend their stay?


  16. Yes, clients can ask us to extend a policy by applying for an extension. You must apply for an extension at least 1 business day before the end date of the policy. We can change the terms and conditions, including premiums, benefit limits and exclusions of this policy at the time of the extension. Subject to the plan purchased, the extension cannot be in excess of a total insured journey period of 365 days.


    1. How should our clients go about submitting a claim should one arise when they are still overseas?


  17. In the event of a medical emergency you must immediately contact:

    Bryte Travel Assist

    Tel: +1 416 642 2910.

  18. (Reverse Call charges accepted)
  19. Email :

    Bryte Travel Assist is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


    Our team of medical experts will assist you and ensure that you are directed to an appropriate medical facility. When we are made aware of your emergency, we will facilitate payment of the medical bills.


    For all non-medical claims (for example, claims for baggage or cutting the insured journey short) and for medical claims for out of hospital treatment, you can contact us up to 30 days after you have returned to South Africa. 

    Email to register a claim