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Want to become a registered partner that facilitates the sale of Bryte Travel Insurance policies?


Travel Agents, click here for the Travel Agent application form 

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Complete the downloaded application form and send it back to along with the following documents


        • Company registration documents (CIPRO documents) for Close Corporations, Private Companies, Public Companies, Trusts, Proprietary Limited, and Limited entities
        • SARS registration certificate (VAT Certificate)
        • Tax certificate/Tax Directive/IRP 30 (if applicable)
        • Copy of ID document (only required for Sole Proprietors and Partnerships)
        • Original cancelled cheque or an original bank letter for verification of banking details (not older than 12 months)
        • VAT certificate where applicable
        • Proof of physical address i.e. Utilities bill (not older than 3 months) 
        • BEE certificate. In the event of your company’s turnover being less than R5 million, you may qualify as an exempted micro-enterprise


For assistance please contact Bryte Travel.